Istanbul Airport “Awards and Statistics are Growing Day by Day”

Istanbul’s new airport has made its name in the world to a large extent due to the severity of the features and records that it has broken over the past four years from the date of its inauguration until now, and the most prominent characteristics that haunt it to this day is that it is the largest airport in the world to date! And it really is, in light of the great interest of the government in its establishment and its many details.

Turkey always seeks to see its projects looking beyond twenty years and more, and in this regard, it sought to make Istanbul Airport available to passengers and service until 2053 AD, and based on this vision, it was able to obtain an integrated system and a comprehensive design that can serve up to the mentioned year. .

Our company, Advice Consultant, in its article today, collected for you the most important information and details about the new Istanbul airport, in order to present it to you in a coordinated and understandable manner in order to convey the big picture that Turkey has reached in the world of construction and terrible development. In this article, we will talk about everything related to the airport with some of the notable prizes it got.

The date of the launch of the new Istanbul airport

The idea of ​​establishing the airport came from the Turkish government after the enormous pressure on the former Ataturk Airport in terms of flights, in addition to the congestion it causes in the heart of Istanbul. Therefore, there was a need to establish a new airport to accommodate the large number of flights and travelers in light of Istanbul’s centralization in a strategic geographical location It is allowed to be a global transit station.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated on October 29, 2018, the new Istanbul airport, which will be the largest in the world after completing all its stages, all of which will end in 2028 at the latest. As for what is the basis and origin, it has been ready since 2018, but the airport facilities A major service is still under construction.

Location and location of Istanbul New Airport

The opening of Istanbul’s new airport is one of the most prominent events that changed the course of economic and development events in the world due to its greatness, magnitude and service capabilities, and thus achieving Turkey’s vision centered on making Istanbul the largest financial, economic and commercial center in the Middle East and even globally.

The location of the new Istanbul airport, specifically in the Arnavutkoy area on the European side of Istanbul, is located in the locality of Tayakadın, which is directly adjacent to the coastal locality of Yenikoy on the Black Sea, and the airport is located only kilometers from the famous Black Sea coast.

The most important numbers and details of the new Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport has truly fantastic numbers in all its details, and all of this indicates the ambitious visions of the Turkish government, which seeks to enter among the ten most economically powerful countries in the world. Currently, it is among the twenty countries, but it seeks ambition and reach the ranks of the first countries through firm and strong steps. The details of the airport are as follows:

First, the area of ​​the airport

The area of ​​Istanbul Airport was estimated at 76.5 million square meters! It is a vast and very large number compared to its nearest competitors from the world’s airports, and the area of ​​the main building of the airport only amounted to one million and 300 thousand square meters, and based on these numbers it was recognized that it is the largest airport in the world.

Second, numbers and general details

Istanbul’s new airport will be able to handle about 200 million passengers annually.

The airport will secure more than 300 flight points, 250 of which are international and the rest are local points

The airport includes five lounges to serve passengers A, B, D, F, and G

The number of internal bridges leading to aircraft is 143

6 runways to serve international and domestic flights

3,500 security personnel work at the airport and protect it

Securing job opportunities for more than 225 citizens at the airport

A garage that can accommodate more than 40,000 cars at one time

Some of the awards and records won by the new Istanbul Airport

On 06.18.2022 Istanbul Airport was awarded the “5 Star Airport” award, according to the classification of Skytrax, the international organization specialized in rating and evaluating airlines and airports, based in London.

On 14.06.2022 Istanbul Airport received the “Outstanding Success” award from the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)

On 09.06.2022, according to the American Global Traveler Magazine, Istanbul International Airport won the “Best Family-Friendly International Airport” and “Best Transit Airport” awards.

On 29.01.2022 the Airports Council International (ACI) announced that Istanbul Airport was the busiest in Europe in 2021 with 36,988,563 passengers.

On 27.10.2021, the airport was awarded the “Best Airport in Europe” and another in the field of easy access. The company “İGA”, the operator of Istanbul Airport, stated in a statement that the two mentioned awards were presented by the Airports Council International “ACI” as part of the “17th ACI Europe” competition. Awards”.

On 09/21/2021 Istanbul International Airport was awarded the “Airport of the Year 2021” award, presented by the international “Air Transport News”.

On 12.01.2020 104 million passengers used Istanbul airports during 2019, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority

Istanbul Airport and its impact on the Turkish real estate market and its surroundings

The construction companies are racing rapidly to the outskirts of Istanbul Airport in order to establish their residential and investment projects here, and the reason is that the airport has chosen a location completely away from residential neighborhoods, but it is on flat land near the Black Sea, and the nearest point of life is about 10 kilometers away.

In addition, the official statements say that Istanbul’s new airport is the inauguration of the era project “Istanbul Water Canal”, which will pass directly in front of the airport and there will be a suspension bridge connecting it to the other end, so certainly owning a property in these areas is an investment opportunity that we definitely recommend to you.


Istanbul’s new airport has proven to the world that Turkey has become one of the world’s countries in terms of development and growth in many areas. .

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