What are the after-sales services provided by Advice Consultant?

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The after-sales services provided by Advice Consulting are distinguished and are of interest to anyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey. What do after-sales services mean in Turkey? A term that is frequently used, and includes a lot of various real estate services, and every real estate company in Turkey is unique in providing these services in exceptional ways and methods to maintain the loyalty of its customers


The process of selling the property in our company does not end after signing the title deed “Tabu”, but rather the sales process begins with us after you obtain this document, meaning that after-sales services continue to be provided to you in a professional manner that ensures that you maintain and manage the property properly to reach the goal you want Obtaining it from buying the property, and we will mention it in detail


Our company Advice Consulting has prepared a detailed article for you about the real estate services that we are happy to provide to you. First, we will talk about the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship if that is the purpose of buying the property, and we will come after it on the other subsequent official procedures after buying the property, and finally real estate management and leasing with resale.


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What after-sales services does this company provide?

First, the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship after purchasing the property

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property or equipment in Turkey with a value of 250 thousand dollars, is one of the main ways to acquire citizenship. This service that we provide to you passes through 4 main stages:


First, receive the title deed and seize the real estate

The first stage that follows the receipt of the title deed is the application for real estate reservation. It is known that one of the conditions for real estate investment is the seizure of real estate for a period of three consecutive years, and this process is done by submitting the application to the General real estate department, which studies the file and on the basis of which it submits the so-called Certificate of Conformity


Second, preparing papers and filling out forms

We notify you during the property purchase process of the most important documents that are required to apply for Turkish citizenship, which are birth certificates, translation of passports with personal photos, family statement and marriage document, after processing, we add to it the certificate of conformity and title deeds with forms for the application for citizenship


Third, submitting the application to the Department of Public Souls

Here, our team of experienced Turkish lawyers comes to receive these papers, and then they book an appointment at the Public Souls Department. Through this platform, the application is submitted and a tracking number is obtained in order to know the status of the application in light of its passing through the stages of naturalization.


Fourth: Obtaining a naturalization decision and applying for a Turkish identity and passport

After a maximum period of 60 days, if the status of the applicants is normal and free from security problems, a notification of receipt of the naturalization decision is sent, which includes a Turkish national number, which is received by the company’s lawyers team, and the application is made by obtaining the Turkish identity and passport


In the event that you are outside Turkish territory, the decision will be sent to you there, and the Turkish identity and passport are applied for through the consulate located in your country, all within a period not exceeding 10 days.


Second, registering the property in the municipality in which it is located

Immediately after purchasing the property, it is preferable to register with the municipality in which it is located, in order to notify the municipality of this new apartment owner on the one hand, and also in order to calculate the annual tax related to the property EMLAK VERGISI on the other hand, all to avoid increases that result from the property with the delay in its registration or payment of the tax with every year


Our company – Advice Consultant – helps you with this through its after-sales service team, which will do this on your behalf through the agency, or in coordination with you if you are in Turkey

Third, open subscriptions

After transferring ownership from the owner of the old property to the owner of the new property, it is necessary to transfer all the subscriptions “water – gas – electricity” to the name of the new property owner, and this is through the concerned authorities, the job of the after-sales service team in our company is to do this for you and facilitate the transfer of these Subscriptions with high speed and accuracy


Fourth, real estate management and leasing

Real estate management is a periodic task that must be monitored on an ongoing basis, and this is through the agency of the company to manage real estate, where we always make periodic visits to check on the property if it is empty.


In the event that the desire to buy a property is to rent and obtain a good investment return, here our task is to study the rental prices in the market, then search for a suitable tenant for the property, and we guarantee you, through legal drafting within binding contracts, that this property is preserved in the required form and vacated The property at any time is breached of any of the terms of the contract


Our team also furnishes real estate in a manner commensurate with the coordination and distribution of rooms in the form and preferences presented by you.


Fifthly, real estate resale

Many of our clients who have owned real estate in Turkey during the previous years, have expressed their desire to sell these properties and obtain a profit, some of which amounted to 35%, yes … First, we help you choose the property in the right investment location, whether for housing or investment


Second, we put in your hands the numbers, analyzes and data that guarantee you a profit after two or three years, with rates starting from at least 25% through our experience in the Turkish real estate market, and finally we offer the property on our platforms in order to sell it and get this percentage and more In order to provide you with a comprehensive and professional service



After-sales services in Turkey have become necessary in order to maintain the value of real estate in the correct manner. When choosing the right company to purchase your preferred property, it is necessary to look at its relationship with its customers after the sale process. Are there additional free services that it provides? Are there sales tracking services? Or does the relationship end with the end of the sale process!!


Advice Consultant that provides its various professional services to you, we start with the issuance of all kinds of residence permits that guarantee your presence in the Turkish lands legally, and we are also agents of many Turkish construction companies through which we aspire to find real estate suitable for your aspirations and preferences, we are also always with you to answer your inquiries, including Regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and legal advice in general… Contact us

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