5 Key Information You Should Know About Istanbul


Istanbul is an ancient city dating back hundreds of years. Books and literature have been written about it, recounting its history and describing its beauty and features. It was described by several descriptions, the most prominent of which was what Napoleon Bonaparte said. If the earth had one state, Istanbul would be its capital.

Certainly, we will not be able to limit Istanbul’s rich history, unique features, and general information, but we were able in Advice Consultant Company to summarize for you an article that talks about the most important information that you should know when you come to Istanbul, whether it is for tourism, stability or buying real estate

5 main information that you must know about the city of Istanbul, we start with you by talking about the history and position, then we come to the unique site and the names of its areas, then we will move on to discovering the most important tourist areas in it, and we must also take a look at the environment and various services, and finally we will talk about the real estate market in it .

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5 main information you should know about Istanbul

History and status of Istanbul

The city acquired through ancient times several names, which are Byzantium, Astana, Islampol, and Constantinople, and also has several nicknames, which are the city of the seven hills, the city of minarets, the city of the two continents, and it is said that the history of the city dates back to more than seven thousand years BC

The Turkish state was able to obtain its independence from the British with the end of World War I when the Ottoman Empire fell, and the Turkish Republic was declared under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and the city of Ankara was adopted as its capital.

Istanbul’s position in the middle of the globe is a feature that no other country shares, and most travelers between the continents of America, Asia and Africa must stop at Istanbul Airport specifically because it is a transit station where planes from most countries of the world land

The city of Istanbul occupies a great international position on the tourism and commercial level in particular, its tourist attractions are countless, most notably the Bosphorus Strait, which divides the two parts of the city into both the European and Asian sides, the attractive green nature, the monuments and the ancient history

Location, area and areas of Istanbul

Istanbul is located in northern Turkey, bordered by the Black Sea to the north and the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south, and adjacent to Tekirdag in the west and Sakarya and Kocaeli in the east. The historic Bosphorus Strait divides the city into both the European and Asian sides, and we will come to the names of these areas later.

Istanbul is the largest Turkish city with an area of ​​about 5,461 including land and sea. The population, according to the latest statistics, has reached 15 million and 900 thousand, or 19% of the total population of Turkey. As for Istanbul, there are 39 regions, 14 of which are in the Asian side and 25 of them are in the Asian side. European notch

Asian slit






Kızıl Adalar





Sultan Beyli



Sanjak Tebah


European side


Sultan Ayyub




Kagat Hana


Borno olives



Belek Dozo




Arnaout Koi



Ghazi Osman Pasha

Sultan Ghazi

Bayram Pasha




Bahceli Evlar


The most important tourist areas in Istanbul

Kızıl Adalar, the most famous tourist places in Istanbul, nine islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara, princes were exiled to them

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, a long history and amazing Ottoman touches that we find in the columns and stones of this mosque

Ortakoy coast, a wonderful aesthetic view that merges the Bosphorus and its suspension bridges

The famous Galata Tower, in the middle of the Taksim area and Istiklal Street, which includes the world’s largest brands of shops

Mehmed the Conqueror Castle, an ancient castle on the doorstep of the Bosphorus Strait, mixed with the beautiful green meadows

Eminonu area, nothing is better than tasting fish in boats there

The famous Baghdad Street, a street that includes the most important shops, where celebrities and high-end classes come to

There are many tourist attractions in Istanbul as well, but we cannot limit them there and we will come to them in other articles

Infrastructure and transportation in Istanbul

The infrastructure of the city of Istanbul is very modern and developed, and this is demonstrated by the major projects established by the Turkish government, such as the largest airport in Europe, “Istanbul New Airport”, as well as the “Cham and Sakura” hospital, the largest in Europe, the largest “botanical garden in the world” project. Marmaray metro under the sea, the “Eurasia Tunnel” project under the sea, and now the “Istanbul Water Canal” is being built

Metros have reached most areas of Istanbul and there are still many of them every year, also public buses are located all over the city, in addition to the so-called metrobus that is unique to Turkey through a road in the middle of the main road E5 through which express buses pass without being affected by traffic congestion, so a transportation network Modern and powerful owned by the city of Istanbul

Real estate in Istanbul

Awesome elements possessed by the city of Istanbul that attract many interested in buying a property in Turkey, which are:

The beautiful nature of Istanbul

The beautiful water character wherever we go in Istanbul from the sea and lakes

A common history, customs and religion between the Turks and the Arabs

Development and renewal and keeping pace with global developments

Real estate prices in Istanbul are low compared to international countries

Purchase facilities through granting Turkish citizenship to those wishing to own property

Istanbul also provides investors with buying real estate in Turkey good investment returns in the presence of the ingredients and data that we mentioned, and the average annual returns for the annual rental of real estate is between 5% to 6% annually, and this figure is almost the highest in Istanbul


Istanbul has a special place in the whole world, in which the ingredients that attract all citizens of the world do not end, everyone who came to Istanbul touched a magic in his heart that makes him addicted to coming to it with every opportunity he gets, this is a fact especially with the presence of numbers and statistics that indicate that We are happy that our article has added new information to you about Istanbul

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