How and where will Turkey be in 2023?

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How and where will Turkey be in 2023? This question is frequently asked in Turkish, Arab and international circles, and it is a question asked by many residents of the Turkish state, or those who have brought their investments to it, or even those who are currently considering coming to Turkey for the purpose of working or settling and buying real estate in it.


A sufficient and satisfactory answer to this question is certainly not apparent, for several reasons, the first of which is the presence of presidential and parliamentary elections in mid-June 2023, also there is the end of the largest agreement that restricted Turkey for more than 100 years, which is the Treaty of Lausanne, and finally 2023 is the year of achievements at all levels and internal and external sectors .


Our company Advice consultant In its article today, it will help you find the answer to this question: How and where will Turkey be in 2023? Through indicators and deep analyzes based on many years of experience and an in-depth view of the Turkish state, Turkey’s future 2023 is completely different from what it has been through in the past twenty years, let us dive into that and help you get the definitive answer.

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How and where will Turkey be in 2023?

Before we get acquainted with the visions prepared by the Turkish government for the year 2023, let us go into the details of what we previously mentioned, which are the reasons that will be a turning point in Turkey in the middle of the same year, namely the elections on the one hand, and the treaty on the other, and we start with the Treaty of Lausanne and what?

First, liberation from the Treaty of Lausanne and the restrictive clauses of Turkey

The Turkish state was most affected by the loss of World War I led by the Ottoman Empire, which was the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne on June 24, 1923, and it was between the Turkish state and the Allied countries who won that war, and based on this treaty, the Turkish state was established and its borders were demarcated.

The treaty has several clauses that were able to rid Turkey of the mandate or occupation by the Allied countries, but it restricted Turkey to many things that it has the right to, which are as follows:

Waiver of all rights in other countries that were under Ottoman rule

The historical Bosphorus Strait is an international waterway and Turkey is not entitled to collect any fees from it

Preventing Turkey from exploring for underground resources within its borders, such as oil and other resources

There are other clauses related to the Ottoman rule and the replacement of this state that we cannot mention in the article. As for the validity period of this treaty, it is 100 years since the date of signing that treaty, which will end in mid-June 2023, so liberation from it will be one of the visions set by the Turkish government and built on it. plans which it seeks to commence upon the expiry of this Treaty.

Second, the presidential and parliamentary elections in mid-June 2023

The Turkish street currently has no topic to talk about except for the upcoming elections in 2023, which will certainly be pivotal among all parties. All these parties have built visions for themselves and the Turkish state in order to advance Turkey to the highest ranks at all levels and sectors.

Whoever succeeds in these elections will decide the appropriate visions for Turkey and the Turkish people in general. Now the competition is at its height in order to provide the best for Turkey between the ruling party and the opposition parties. Certainly, these elections will have a significant impact on Turkey’s future and its position among countries in the coming years.

What are the visions that Turkey is determined to implement in 2023?

Based on the current Turkish government, which made for itself visions and dreams in the year 2023 until the year 2053, we will mention them to you with detail to be threads in order to know the answer to the question titled this article, which is how will Turkey be in 2023? So what are these visions prepared by the Turkish government?

First, Turkey’s economy will be among the top ten most powerful economies in the world

During the past twenty years, Turkey was able to achieve a quantum leap in its economy and to emerge globally as the strongest emerging economy as well, after it was at the bottom of the global ranking in economic strength, and in 2020 it reached the sixteenth rank in the world and entered the Group of Twenty as the most powerful economy in the world.

Among the visions that Turkey set for itself in 2023 is to seek to enter among the ten most powerful economies in the world, and it is able to achieve it based on what it did previously, and this is what it was determined to do twenty years ago and still is, and this latest determination and will to raise Turkey’s economic value from The world’s lowest ranks to enter the list of the twenty most powerful economies in the world.

Second, to raise the value of exports in Turkey from 300 to 500 billion dollars in 2023

The volume of exports in 2021 has reached 225 billion dollars! According to the data of the Ministry of Trade and the Turkish Statistics Authority, Turkish exports recorded an increase of 32.8 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year 2020, and in the current year 2022 Turkey will achieve, according to its vision, $300 billion the value of Turkish exports to the whole world.

As for the vision set by Turkey for the next world 2023, it is to increase the volume of Turkish exports from 300 billion dollars to become 500 billion dollars and to be among the most exporting countries of products and merchandise in the world, and this is due to many reasons and factors that you can learn about in our article. Exports in Turkey 2022 break records.

Third, Turkey is the fifth largest tourist destination in 2023

In 2018, Turkey was able to achieve a record number of tourists coming to it and enhancing its tourism position among the countries of the world. Turkey ranked sixth as the most popular destination for tourism among all countries of the world in 2018, a distinguished position in light of the factors attracting tourists and Turkey’s interest in the tourism sector to to a big limit.

The economic return from the tourism sector to Turkish income is 11%, according to the latest statistics, and in 2023 Turkey seeks to rank fifth as the largest tourist destination among the countries of the world, and it is able to achieve it in light of the current approach, which is to achieve the largest number of facilitation and facilitation For visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Fourth entry into the European Union group

Turkey aims to achieve all the conditions for membership of the European Union and become an influential country in the European Union by 2023, and it will continue to strive for regional integration in the region, which has become among the countries of the global conflict, and Turkey always seeks to play an influential role in resolving regional conflicts, as we have seen recently. In NATO meetings, he also played a mediating role between Russia and Ukraine.

There are many other visions that the Turkish government built for the year 2023, which are as follows:

Turkey aspires in 2023 that the Turkish citizen will be able to go to 197 countries without a visa

Turkey aspires 2023 to be able to manufacture aircraft, drones and satellites

2023 Turkey aspires to increase tourism revenues to 50 billion dollars, and host 100 million tourists


Through these indicators, numbers and visions that we mentioned to you in our article, with the data that we presented to you with the most important events that will be in 2023, we were certainly able to find the answer to the question: How and where will Turkey be in 2023? Turkey is really on the cusp of pivotal events, no doubt, but it will remain strong and productive, as we have seen in previous years.

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