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Turkey today is a major destination for most citizens of Arab countries, even foreign ones as well, and everyone who came to it grew up in his heart affection and love for it and its glamorous beauty, and the visits to it became periodically and seasonal, and of course in light of these visits, the idea of ​​owning a property in it and knowing everything that is generated in the heart Concerning the topic of real estate for sale in Turkey


The search for real estate for sale in Turkey has become a preoccupation for many who have captured the heart of this great country, because of its elements and data that encourage the ownership of real estate in it, but it is necessary to know and be familiar with the important and main matters related to the subject of real estate for sale in Turkey


Our company Advice Consultant present to you an article that talks briefly as a general introduction about real estate for sale in Turkey 2022, which includes all kinds of real estate for sale in Turkey, and we will also talk about the average prices of real estate in it and the benefits of buying real estate in its cities as well.


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Types of real estate for sale in Turkey


Before starting the process of searching for real estate in Turkey, it is necessary to define the goal of buying in the first stage.. Through it, it is easy for us to determine the specific type of property that we absolutely need, because real estate in Turkey is diverse and numerous, namely:

First, residential real estate


Several patterns fall under this type indicating that they are used for housing only.. Generally in Turkey, residential real estate is:


First, the apartments with medium and spacious areas, and by this we mean the apartments in residential complexes or regular residential buildings, which are located in areas specifically designated for housing, usually the patterns in Turkey for housing start from the two-room system and a salon, and even duplexes or penthouses with many rooms


Secondly, the villas for housing.. They are either independent or within villa complexes with shared services and facilities. This style has become very desirable in Turkey, specifically in the areas on the outskirts of cities, because they enjoy comfort, calm and distance from the noise of the city.


Secondly, commercial real estate


Commercial real estate includes several styles as well, which are


First of all, offices and home office…usually these patterns are found in complexes and towers in city centers and used by business owners.


Secondly, the shops… They are usually in public markets or within shopping centers and malls in general, and are used by professionals, merchants, restaurants, and others..


Thirdly, warehouses and factories… Of course, this type is in industrial centers and attracts factory owners and major companies to set up their businesses there


Third, all kinds of lands


Real estate for sale in Turkey also includes land, which is of several types


First, agricultural lands.. There are many agricultural investors who want to buy agricultural lands in Turkey, which are widely available, and are used to grow agricultural and famous crops in Turkey.


Secondly, the construction lands for the construction of residential buildings or villas and even warehouses and stores. Of course, this type of real estate is desired by the investment people from the owners of construction companies in the Arab countries. This investment is long-term.. There is a good group that bought lands and built villas overlooking the face. Waterpark of Turkey “Sea and Lakes”


Fourth, investment properties


Several types we mentioned earlier can be converted into investment properties by using them in the right ways, our company Advice Consultant also specializes in real estate management and investment through leasing and obtaining good annual investment returns


There is also the so-called hotel apartments, which is a purely investment type. These apartments are rented on a daily or monthly basis and get good investment returns, and management, follow-up, and care must be taken to choose good customers to maintain these apartments in the correct manner.


Real estate prices in Turkey


Real estate prices in Turkey are somewhat cheap compared to European markets, at a rate of no less than 25%, except that the data may also differ. The ingredients in Istanbul, for example, do not exist in European countries, and prices are very high in those countries.


What Arab investors are most attracted to is the cheap prices of real estate for sale in Turkey, for example, we can buy a small apartment in the capital Istanbul for 100 thousand dollars in a distinctive and fully serviced area and also has an investment value!!


Turkey also provides investors with buying real estate in Turkey good investment returns in light of the presence of the ingredients and data in it. The average annual returns for the annual rental of real estate is between 5% to 6% annually, and this figure is almost the highest in Turkish city centers


Benefits of buying a property in Turkey


  • The important geographical location of Turkey means that the property has a future investment value

  • Owning a property in an environment that is close to our culture and is also conservative, greatly benefits the property owner’s family

  • Buying and living in a property in Turkey is an opportunity to benefit from the lower cost of living compared to other countries

  • Obtaining a real estate residence through which we obtain Turkish citizenship after renewal for five consecutive years

  • The property value increases periodically with the annual increases that the Turkish government puts forward on real estate in general

  • Applying for Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth 250 thousand dollars, and this feature is one of the most important benefits of buying a property in Turkey, according to a previous law in 2018 stipulating allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for their entry into real estate investments in Turkey with a minimum of 250.000 dollars American, with the condition not to sell for three consecutive years




The demand for buying real estate for sale in Turkey is increasing day by day, do you still not own a property in Turkey?? Friends and relatives have owned real estate in it for a while, and some of them have become Turkish citizens!! what are you waiting for? Advice Consultant team is waiting for your messages to help find your favorite property at a special price as well!


Advice Consultant that provides its various professional services to you, we start with the issuance of all kinds of residence permits that guarantee your presence in the Turkish lands legally, and we are also agents of many Turkish construction companies through which we aspire to find real estate suitable for your aspirations and preferences, we are also always with you to answer your inquiries, including Regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and legal advice in general… Contact us

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