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Turkey, day after day, presents projects whose name shines all over the world, and it has been able to make a real name for itself in the world of construction. These projects are not natural or typical projects, but rather these are projects that have carved Turkey records or imprints in the world of global projects.


The most prominent of these projects are as follows:


  • Istanbul’s new airport “the largest airport in the world”.

  • Sham and Sakura Medical City “the largest medical city in the world”

  • People’s Park in Basaksehir “the largest botanical reserve in Europe”

  • Eurasia Undersea Tunnel

  • Marmaray metro under the sea

  • Çanakkale Bridge “The Longest Suspension Bridge in the World”

  • Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge “Another long suspension bridge too”


There are more mega projects that Turkey has been able to establish in the past 20 years, all of which prompted the government to create bigger and greater projects, and its last huge project today, which is currently being built, is the Istanbul Water Canal project, a terrible and frightening project in its numbers and even its idea.


Our company, Advice Consultant, in its article today, collected for you the largest number of information and details about the Istanbul Water Canal project, in order to present it to you in a coordinated and understandable manner, in order to guide you when choosing the right place to buy a property in Istanbul, and we will also talk about the most important features and effects emanating from this project.


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What is the Istanbul Water Canal project?


The idea came from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and it was his dream since childhood. What is this idea? The idea is to build a canal in the heart of Istanbul! It will be completely parallel to the historic Bosphorus Strait, which divides Istanbul into two parts, the first in Asia and the second in Europe.


Where the apartments will be approximately 45 km on land from the edge of the Sea of ​​Marmara at Lake Kucukcekmece and so on to Lake Terkos at the Black Sea, and it will pass through the following areas:


  • Avcilar

  • Kucukcekmece

  • Basaksehir

  • Arnaout Koi


As for the purpose and objectives that were focused on in order to build this project, they are many and urgently necessary, as the Turkish government saw it? So what is the purpose of establishing the Istanbul Water Canal?


What is the purpose of establishing the Istanbul Water Canal?


The main purpose of establishing the canal is to secure maritime safety in general in Istanbul and specifically at the Bosphorus Strait, this strait is increasing day by day, ships crossing it to the Black Sea, and causing anxiety and insomnia for the Turkish government due to fear for its future.


In addition to this, to this day, the Turkish government still does not benefit from the transit of this huge number of ships through its strait, and it wants to obtain financial returns in light of this great increase through its strait located within its political borders. It also wants to reduce emissions and pollution from ships, and reduce accidents that affected both sides of the strait in general, now let us introduce you to the most important details of the future canal, the Istanbul Water Canal:


First, the length and width of the Istanbul Canal


The Istanbul Water Canal is being designed along a length of about 45 km from the Sea of ​​Marmara to the Black Sea, and it will pass through Kucukcekmece Lake, Sazilidri Dam and Terkos Lake as well. The width of the channel will be 275 meters, and finally the depth of the channel will be about 20.75 meters. under land.


Second, the financial cost of the Istanbul Canal


The Turkish government and through the statements issued by the Minister of Environment in Turkey, the total cost of the project was estimated at 15 billion dollars, and this cost will include all the bridges and projects emanating from it. Unbelievable value! This is in light of what Istanbul will become in the future.


Third, the duration and delivery of the Istanbul Water Canal


The entire construction period of the channel is seven consecutive years, this period approved by the Turkish government through the analyzes and statements of those responsible for its completion, of course one and a half years, including it, is dedicated to the preparatory work that has been started since the end of 2021. What other projects are nearby.


Fourth, other points related to Istanbul Canal


The work of the canal will be alternating in directions in proportion to the width of the canal, otherwise there will be no movement in it. For example, it will be 12 hours going towards the Black Sea, and 12 hours after that to the Sea of ​​Marmara. There are some affiliated facilities which are as follows:


  • Six suspension bridges connect the two ends of the canal

  • Several ports follow the canal, which are “Kucukcekmece Port – a port in the Black Sea – a port in the Sea of ​​Marmara.”

  • Two logistics centers at the entrances to the canal from both sides

  • Ship maintenance stations

  • Navigation tools requirements

  • Recreational areas on the outskirts of the Istanbul Canal


What are the advantages of the Istanbul Water Canal?


  • First, maintaining the security and sustainability of the historical texture of the “Bosphorus Strait”

  • Second, the introduction of additional value to Turkey to enhance the economic strength of the Turkish state

  • Third, increasing economic revenues through material returns from the Istanbul Water Canal.

  • Fourth, the presence of the canal will increase the attraction of foreign investments to Turkey and increase the strength of the local economy

  • Fifthly, raising the value of Turkey in trade and maritime navigation

  • Sixth: The introduction of new tourist areas that raise the tourism revenue for Turkey

  • Seventh: Establishing two districts on the outskirts of the Istanbul Canal with a population capacity of 500,000 people per district

  • Eighth, the increase in green spaces, which was estimated at 91 million square meters

  • Ninth: Employing more than eleven thousand people in the channel’s facilities and institutions


What is the impact of the canal on the real estate market in Istanbul?


Construction companies are rushing to the outskirts of this canal in order to establish their residential and investment projects. There are projects that have been previously built on the outskirts of the Istanbul Canal even before work begins!! Turkish construction companies have focused on the lands near the outskirts of the canal and purchased them directly in order to implement their projects such as the famous “Amlak Konut”


The impact of the Istanbul Water Canal on the real estate market has led to an increase in the prices of real estate and adjacent lands, but the purchase at the present time is still the best investment due to this increase, and even an opportunity to obtain a property overlooking the new Bosphorus




The Istanbul Water Canal, if completed, will be one of the unprecedented breakthroughs in the whole world. The construction of a 45 km canal on land is indeed a great risk, so we learned together in the article about the details of this channel and the advantages that Turkey will gain from it, and finally we mentioned to you the most important Effects on the real estate market in Istanbul.


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