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The service of decoration and furnishing of apartments provided by ِAdvice Company is distinctive and is of interest to anyone who is about to buy an apartment in Turkey. This service has become highly sought after due to the standardized models provided by construction companies in their project apartments. It is also required for apartments in long-lived residential buildings, and their villas. We also share in this service due to the different Arab and Turkish tastes


Definitely our company Advice Consultant It cares about the tastes and preferences of its customers and is keen to satisfy them with the services it provides in general in Turkey. Therefore, we have introduced this service to be the first to serve our customers who bought apartments in Turkey through the company, and we strive to provide an appropriate professional service for them.


Our company Advice Consultant prepared for you a detailed article that talks about the service of decoration and furnishing of apartments that we are happy to provide to you.

First, we will talk about the initial consultation regarding the apartment, and then we will come to the areas of design, then we will start with supervision and implementation to proceed from it to furnishing the apartment, and finally handing over the apartment key to the client


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What are the stages of decorating and furnishing apartments in Turkey?


First, the initial consultation and knowledge of the customer’s taste

Through a lengthy meeting with the client, we first review our previous works for many apartments and villas in Turkey. By presenting these works, we can introduce the client to the available tools we use in providing the service and how to choose high-quality materials, and the image is communicated to the client regarding the costs of these materials and tools. For the picture to be completely clear


After that we come to talk about the apartment for which the service is required, and we make suggestions based on the experiences we have, we work to extract the client’s visions through this meeting and share ideas to arrive at the optimal and appropriate design for the apartment, on the basis of which a future date is set for the issuance of the design of the apartment


Second, show the design and costs

A group of creative engineers are working on designs in our company to provide this service in the best way for you. The team uses the latest 3D modeling programs in order to show all the details in the apartment. We hold another meeting in which we discuss with the client the details of the design and focus on several important matters.


Make the most of the space to make the most of it:


Choosing the right materials for everything related to the finishing of the apartment

The use of modern style that keeps pace with developments


Introducing creative designs against routine designs:


Through what we mentioned, we strive to deliver the most appropriate design for the apartment with a clear picture of the full costs, and here the decision is made to start with supervision and implementation


Third, supervision and implementation of the work

The third stage of the service of decoration and furnishing of apartments is supervision and implementation, and after taking the green light from the client to start work, the team is ready to start as well, and there are several sensitive points that we focus on to make the service integrated, which are:


  • Make periodic visits to the apartment and be informed of the latest developments

  • Completing the work in agreement with the management of the complexes or the neighbors, and being careful not to disturb

  • Use tools that make things faster

  • Finally, the apartment is delivered at the time agreed upon, and we often complete it in less time


Fourth, furnishing the apartments and choosing furniture

After transforming the agreed design into reality and supervising with the implementation of all stages leading to the final handover of the work, we come to a new stage, which is the stage of furnishing the apartments. This stage includes the main electronics and furnishings that are distributed in the rooms of the apartment.


Through the experience gained by our team for more than several years, we were able to reach the fruit of this experience, and we know the most important brands and electronics that suit each apartment, in addition, we were able to obtain special discounts for the company due to long-term dealings with several stores in Turkey


Fifth: Handing over the apartment and its key to the client

The design that the customer has agreed on from the beginning will definitely be obtained upon receiving this apartment. There is no doubt at all. Not only that, delivery before the specified dates is what distinguishes us from the rest of the other companies, and any detail that may not be on demand we strive to avoid this issue directly


Handing over the apartment key to the client will certainly be accompanied by a gift provided by the company that you will find among the furniture of the apartment so that you will always remember us.



The service of decoration and furnishing of apartments is a very sensitive service, especially since it must be according to the appropriate and completely required form. Through what we mentioned to you previously, we found that most of our dear customers felt grateful and happy when receiving the keys to their apartments, and even they recommended friends and acquaintances to deal with us to provide these service to them


Advice Consultant provides its various professional services to you, we start with the issuance of all kinds of residence permits that guarantee your presence in the Turkish lands legally, and we are also agents of many Turkish construction companies through which we aspire to find real estate suitable for your aspirations and preferences, we are also always with you to answer your inquiries, including Regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and legal advice in general… Contact us

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