7 ways that allow you to obtain Turkish citizenship

Article Introduction   Obtaining Turkish citizenship has become very easy after the facilities provided by the Turkish government since late 2018, on that date the Turkish presidency approved several ways for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, since then until now more than 200 thousand people have acquired citizenship according to official statistics   Turkey today has become the...

What are the steps for establishing a company in Turkey 2022?

Article Introduction   The journey of establishing a company in Turkey with Advice Consultant passes through several basic stations. Firstly, we start with you by talking about the type of the company that suits your business activities. Our second station is preparing the necessary papers in order to apply for the establishment of a company in Turkey, and the last stop is authorizing the chartered...

Everything new about residence in Turkey 2022

Article Introduction   The residence permit in Turkey guarantees your presence within the Turkish territory legally and properly, especially since it is the gateway that grants you continuous entry to Turkey without the need to issue a visa, otherwise it may expose you to a ban on entering Turkey or paying fines..   Residency in Turkey and at the beginning of 2022 witnessed many modifications...

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