Bursa City “Beautiful nature and green meadows”

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The journey of establishing a company in Turkey with Advice Consultant passes through several basic stations. Firstly, we start with you by talking about the type of the company that suits your business activities. Our second station is preparing the necessary papers in order to apply for the establishment of a company in Turkey, and the last stop is authorizing the chartered accountant to carry out the establishment and follow-up procedures on a permanent basis.


Turkey today is a fertile and attractive place for investors who want to develop their business by being present in the Turkish markets by establishing a company in Turkey. The incentives provided by the Turkish government to encourage the establishment of companies are distinctive and striking, the most important of which is obtaining a work permit that grants you citizenship after renewal for five consecutive years , in addition to the size of tax exemptions on materials exported from Turkey


Our company Advice Consultant Have prepared for you a detailed article about establishing a company in Turkey, where we start with you by knowing the types of companies in Turkey, and then we get acquainted with the papers required for its establishment, after that we go through the steps of establishing the company, until we reach the conclusion of the article by mentioning the most important benefits that follow the establishment of a company in Turkey


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Types of companies in Turkey


There are five types of companies as stated by the Ministry of Trade and Labor in Turkey:


First, the personal company:

The personal company is one of the easiest and most preferred types of companies to establish, and the reason is due to the easy procedures when opening and even closing it, and the name and surname of the founder is usually written in the title “company name”.


Second, the joint or cooperative company:

It is a commercial company like any other company, but it is limited to certain commercial projects and the number of shareholders in it is at least seven, and its board of directors consists of three Turkish citizens as a minimum, the share of each partner is at least one thousand shares, and at most five thousand shares, so that the value of each share is at least 100 TL.


Third, the joint stock company:

This type of companies are obvious from the name and it means that the percentage of ownership of each investor in the company is distributed in the form of shares, and each share must be a minimum of 50,000 Turkish liras, and the number of shareholders is at least 5 legal persons.


Fourth, the unlimited company:

This type of companies need a lot of explanation, and we will not go into it now, but in short terms, licenses to establish this type of companies are somewhat difficult. Examples of these companies are: banks, insurance companies, holding companies, asset management companies.


Fifthly, the limited company:

This form of company is most suitable for most investors, owners of small and medium enterprises who aspire to establish business in Turkey. The limited company is very compatible with many investors in terms of ease of conditions on one hand, and the incentives provided by the Turkish government on the other.


Its conditions are limited to at least one shareholder and at most fifty shareholders.. with a capital of at least 100 thousand Turkish liras, which must be deposited within 24 months.

Documents required to establish a company in Turkey


The papers required for incorporation are very easy. With our company Advice Consultant, they will be extracted for you in just one day!! The lack of complexity and routine in papers and documents helps a lot with getting the paperwork done. This is one of the facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors. What are these papers?


  • An original copy of the translation and attestation of the original passport from the notary.
  • A tax number from a tax center in Turkey
  • Extracting security approval from General Securities.
  • 4 recent personal photos.


What are the steps for establishing a company in Turkey 2022?


First, prepare the articles of association.

The most important is the company’s internal system contract, which is prepared by the legal accountant, by the way, Turkish law obligates all companies to have a certified public accountant in order to represent companies before the Ministry of Commerce, and this is through an official power of attorney at the notary public that includes the establishment of the company and the conduct of its business.


Secondly, the presence of the company headquarters:

Also, one of the main conditions for establishing a company in Turkey is the headquarters, so there must be a place for the company to conduct its business and conduct its activities, and usually there is a committee from the Ministry of Commerce that comes to inspect the place and its compatibility with the company’s activities.


Third, the value of the capital:

Initially, 25% of the company’s capital must be deposited to start the incorporation procedures, after which the entire capital must be deposited within a maximum period of 24 months.


Fourth, apply electronically to incorporate the company:

After completing the required papers and determining the company’s headquarters, the chartered accountant submits the papers electronically through a platform launched by the Ministry of Labor. This platform is called the Central Registry System.. Through it, companies are established and other subsidiary procedures are followed up in the company


Fifth: Issuing the rest of the company’s papers:

  • Electronic signature – İmza Sirküleri –
  • Tax Board – Vergi Levhası – .
  • Gazete Official – Gazette –
  • Commercial Register – Ticari Sicil –
  • Event Document – Faaliyet Belgesi –


Through these five procedures, we have completed the process of establishing a company in Turkey. By the way, You must choose the most appropriate company for the accuracy in completing the establishment and follow-up transaction, and with your selection of us in Advice Consultant we are very keen to provide professional and distinguished services that are unique. In addition to that, we offer you many free services accompanying the incorporation process.


The most important benefits that follow the process of establishing a company in Turkey


  • Tax exemptions obtained by the company when marketing Turkish products and exporting them abroad.


  • Ease of export operations and the conduct of transactions and papers in this regard.


  • Turkey today ranks its economy 19th in the world, and this means that the company is within a huge and strong economic market


  • The owners of the company obtain Turkish citizenship after obtaining and renewing the work permit for five consecutive years.


  • Obtaining health and social security for the owner of the company and his family.


  • Corporate officials enjoy the “Merchant Document”, which means attending exhibitions without reservations in addition to other privileges




Here, the journey of establishing a company in Turkey has ended. In this article, we introduced you to the most important information that you should acquire before embarking on this journey. In addition to this information, you must take action to choose the right company and trust in order to run your business in Turkey, in order to avoid mistakes and not fall victim to fraud or something like that.


Advice Consultant offers its various professional services to you, we start with the issuance of all kinds of residence permits that guarantee your presence in the Turkish lands legally, and we are also agents of many Turkish construction companies through which we aspire to find you real estate suitable for your aspirations and preferences, we are also always with you to answer your inquiries, including Regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and legal advice in general… Contact us




  • PDF file of the Turkish Ministry of Commerce



  • Turkish işbaşi website


Article Introduction


The city of Bursa is the center of “beautiful nature and green meadows” as described by its residents and those coming to it from all sides. This city possesses elegance, beauty and splendor that sparkle from the slopes of its mountains, valleys and green plains. It is rich in tourist places and activities in summer and winter, and its people are kind, simple and sweet.


The city of Bursa also has a rich and ancient history, especially under the Ottoman Empire, with endless attractions that attracted many lovers of tranquility and recreation. Arabs and Europeans come to it at the beginning of each summer to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, all of this and more we will talk about in Our article today


Advice Consultant has prepared for you an article that talks about the city of Bursa and the most important information that interests you in it, which is the history and position, the location, the area and the names of its areas, the most important tourist areas in it, the infrastructure and service facilities in it, and finally the real estate in Bursa


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History and status of the city of Bursa


It is said that the name descends from one of the Bithenian kings who occupied the area in the sixth century BC, and the king was called Prusa and for this reason the area was named after him since then, and with the entry of the city into Ottoman rule, the state paid great attention to it because of its nature and announced it as their capital, Then it moved to Istanbul


The position that this city occupies today is a great place on the tourist and economic level as well. Today, it is impossible for the city of Bursa to have a tourist program for those coming to Turkey devoid of it and its landmarks such as the cable car and Uludag Mountain and others that we will come to later on.


As for economically, it is one of the cities that exports high-quality furniture from it to other Turkish cities, not only that, but some of it is exported to Arab and Western countries, especially with the experience factor of the people of the region in this craft and the materials used are natural wood


Location, area and regions of Bursa Turkey


The fourth largest Turkish city in terms of population, it is located northwest of Turkey between the cities of Ankara and Istanbul. It is a central location between the political and economic capital of Turkey, and is separated from Istanbul by the Sea of ​​Marmara only! It overlooks the Marmara Sea in the north, and is bordered on the south by the famous Uludag Mountain


The Turkish Bursa has an area of ​​about 10,886.38, including land and sea. The population, according to the latest statistics, has reached 3 million and 147 thousand and 818 people. As for the regions of Bursa, there are 17 regions and they are as follows:


  • Buyuk Orhan
  • jimlik
  • corso
  • Harmangic
  • Ingol
  • iznik
  • Karaja Be
  • Kellys
  • Mudanya
  • Mustafa Kemal Pasha
  • Nilufer
  • Orhanli
  • Orhan Gazi
  • Osman Ghazi
  • Yeni ٍSehir
  • Yeldrum


The most important tourist areas in Bursa


Bursa Cable Car, is the first destination that attracts tourists in Bursa. Why? Because the distance it travels is very long and reaches about 5 km, and the landscape it gives from the top is never missed, whether in summer or winter


The perennial tree is a historical tree with distinction, its age is approximately 610 years, its length reaches 38 meters, and this tree is one of the tourist destinations that any tourist would like to visit in Bursa.


Uludag Mountain, a mountain that includes many recreational activities such as skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, camping and spending a beautiful time in the mountain forests in the summer. The height of this mountain is approximately 2.543 meters above sea level.


Bursa Waterfalls, There are three amazing waterfalls in Bursa which are


  • Saeedabad Waterfalls, Bursa
  • The Great Waterfall in Bursa
  • Bursa Oilat Waterfall


There are many tourist attractions in Bursa as well, but we can not limit them here and we will come to them in other articles


Infrastructure and service facilities in Bursa


The city has a very developed and renewable infrastructure, and this is evidenced by the great attention given by the municipalities of the region, such as the reconstruction plan and the incentive to demolish and rebuild old buildings again, also educationally, healthily and economically, the city of Bursa has proven itself among other Turkish cities and this has been shown through official statistics and figures


There are also major Turkish hospitals and universities, and transportation is at the highest levels. There are modern metros, which facilitate the process of moving between its regions. As for sea, sea ferries connect it with other Turkish cities such as Istanbul and others.


Real estate investment in Bursa


Real estate investment in Bursa is a safe and stimulating option to buy real estate, especially in the presence of awesome ingredients that the city of Bursa has, which has attracted many interested in buying a property in Turkey, which are:


  • The wonderful nature of Bursa especially as it was the holiday area of ​​the Ottoman Sultans
  • The blue aquatic character found in most areas of Bursa
  • The simplicity and love found in the people of this city
  • Real estate prices in Istanbul are low compared to other cities such as Istanbul and Antalya


Purchase facilities through granting Turkish citizenship to those wishing to own property


In the field of urban renaissance and real estate projects, Turkish construction companies have given unprecedented attention to the establishment of their projects, in light of the desire of the Arab communities to own real estate in Bursa due to the climate and the atmosphere that calls for recreation and entertainment most seasons of the year


Bursa also provides investors with buying real estate in Turkey good investment returns in light of the elements and data we mentioned, and the average annual returns for annual rental properties are between 5% to 6% annually




Bursa is one of the rare cities in the world that enjoys these ingredients and amazing beauty. It has always been a vacation destination par excellence throughout the ages. Many religious and Ottoman manifestations were also established in it, such as the famous Green Mosque, so we see that it is a suitable place to live and earn the merging of all these ingredients in one place.


ِAdvice Consultant that provides its various professional services to you, we start with the issuance of all kinds of residence permits that guarantee your presence in the Turkish lands legally, and we are also agents of many Turkish construction companies through which we aspire to find real estate suitable for your aspirations and preferences, we are also always with you to answer your inquiries, including Regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and legal advice in general… Contact us

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