Antalya “the city of splendor and beauty”

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One of the great writers described it as the most beautiful city in the world. It is the city of Antalya, the city of splendor and beauty. Everyone who visited it touched in his heart an indelible feeling. It possesses ingredients that attracted major investors from the countries of the world. The princes of the Arabian Gulf and the finest European celebrities have set foot in the land of Antalya


Books written to describe this beautiful city. We certainly cannot give it its right in one article, but we were able to summarize the most important information about it, and put it in a template that makes it easier for any reader interested in living or owning in it to read, Antalya is a place that cannot be repeated twice in the world


Our company Advice Consultant Its job today is to provide a brief overview of the most important information of interest to any visitor to the city of Antalya, we start our article to talk about the location and position of this city and then move on to knowing the environment and the most important tourist places in it, and finally we will get to know the real estate market in it and the average real estate prices as well


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The most important general information about the city of Antalya


First, the location and position

The city of beauty Antalya is centered on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey, bordered to the north by the city of Izmir, and to the east by Mersin, and the city is considered one of the major tourist cities in Turkey, and contains 19 regions in it, namely:

  • Aksu

  • Döşemealtı

  • Kepez Kepez

  • Konyaaltı Konyaaltı

  • Muratpaşa times Pasha

  • Akseki

  • Alanya

  • Demre

  • Elmalı El Malı

  • Finike

  • Gazipaşa Gazipaşa

  • Gündoğmuş

  • İbradı Ibrad

  • Kaş cash

  • Kemer

  • Korkuteli Core Quality

  • Kumluca comologia

  • Manavgat

  • Serik


Antalya has a great place among tourists who come to Turkey constantly or at least several times a year, especially Europeans, Russians and Ukraine, and the most important reason that attracts them to visit is the summer weather that this region enjoys, especially since their country is cold all year round.


Second, the environment and the population

An upscale and velvety environment living in Antalya, an unprecedented openness to foreigners in it, we notice greatly Western customs and habits, all of which means that living in it is comfortable and stimulating as well, and the most important reason for its popularity is the beaches it enjoys and the tourist places that we will mention later


The most important point here is also the acceptable population, which is nothing compared to other cities in Turkey. The last statistic stated that the population reached 2,619,832 people, which is a very small number compared to Istanbul, for example, which has a population of 16 million


Third, the tourist places

There is nothing wrong with the tourist places in Antalya. The city of Antalya has a huge number of tourist places, and the discovery in them is still increasing day by day. The most important of these places are the amazing beaches, which are:


  • Phaselis Beach

  • Konyaalti Beach

  • Cirali Beach

  • Olympos Beach

  • Damla Tash Beach

  • Adrasan Beach

  • Lara . Beach

  • Patara Beach

  • Cleopatra Beach

  • Kaputas Beach

  • Vogel Beach

  • Kadinlar custom beach

  • Kemer Beach

  • Belek beach


Fourth, service facilities and transportation

Unlimited services provided by the city’s municipality, especially in the presence of such a large number of tourists who come from all sides, so that the Ministry of Tourism is very interested in this city because it is more loving to Europeans and Russians than any other city, high-quality service facilities such as fast transportation and beaches Unparalleled service


Real estate investment in Antalya


Antalya is one of the most visited cities for foreigners to visit Turkey, whether for tourism or investment, and the city is witnessing an unprecedented turnout for citizens of many Arab and Western countries to buy real estate in it, and the latest statistics proved that last March, which reached the number of properties sold to foreigners 1434 properties


This number compared to the same month last year has increased by 31%, which is a big leap in the city of Antalya in particular, several factors that attract the purchase of real estate in Antalya, the mild climate and the beautiful weather, strong infrastructure and the construction of large projects such as the famous Sur Ya Abi Antalya project that is being built In partnership with Antalya Municipality


Also the upscale and stimulating environment for coexistence with many different nationalities in the city, and finally cheap real estate prices compared to other cities in Turkey and we will mention to you the average real estate prices in the most important areas in Antalya


Real estate prices in Antalya


Of course, there are average real estate prices in any area, but there are data that increase the value of any property in Antalya, such as the sea view, the area or the area in which the property is located. There are 4 central areas in Antalya that are considered the most attractive for expatriates to buy real estate, which are as follows:


Konyaaltı district, which is the most likely to attract foreigners to own real estate in it, and the average price per square meter is 18.181 TL, which is equivalent to about $1.239 in dollars.


Kepez also has a large share of real estate sold to foreigners, and the average price per square meter is 7.150 TL, which is equivalent to about $ 487 in dollars.


The Kaş district, which is coastal par excellence, has many luxury villas as well, and the average price per square meter is 24.045 TL, which is equivalent to about $ 1.638 in dollars.


Kemer is also a central area. The average price per square meter is 16.666 TL, which is about $1.135 in dollars.


There are many other regions as well, but we mentioned to you the most prominent of them, which attracted a lot of foreign sales. Note the current exchange rate, each dollar equals 14.60 Turkish lira



What we have mentioned to you today is a simple overview of Antalya and its information. If you are interested in obtaining information about the city or buying a property in Antalya, you can contact us directly in order to provide you with all the information and real estate projects that are stationed in this city.


Advice Consultant company that provides its various professional services to you, we start with the issuance of all kinds of residence permits that guarantee your presence in the Turkish lands legally, and we are also agents of many Turkish construction companies through which we aspire to find real estate suitable for your aspirations and preferences, we are also always with you to answer your inquiries, including Regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and legal advice in general… Contact us

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